Espai d’Inversions

We believe in people who create companies with a long-term vision and creating value for society. We boost this process by providing economic resources and know-how.

Espai d’Inversions was born in parallel to our family business, the Bon Preu Group. In 2019, we reached an agreement to sell our stake of Bon Preu. Currently in Espai d’Inversions we work to reinvest and support other business activities through Turtle Capital SCR and Solvic Ocean.


We believe in people with an entrepreneurial vision and a strong commitment to their team.

Our business experience as co-founders and directors of the Bon Preu – Esclat Group, has shown us the importance of people who work with a long-term vision, values and commitment.

In 2019, we reached an agreement to sell our stake in Bon Preu Group. Founded in 1974, the group achieved a turnover of 1.492 million euros and 7.352 employees in 2019.

Espai d’Inversions will continue with the same character and company values that have been built since 1974. With forward-looking and with flexibility to adapt to new trends in society, we want to support entrepreneurs and companies on their way to the future.

From our companies Turtle Capital SCR and Solvic Ocean SL, we are committed to the new economy.

When winds of change blow, some people build walls to protect themselves and others build windmills.